The Boulanger of Marmelade must straight up

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Well Mr Zarien
Joseph had a vision and led his people out of slavery.

David even though a criminal by any standard fought for his people and avenge their death and did it viciously whenever it happened and his descendants continue to do the same 2000 years later.

Mohammed remains one of the most followed individuals thousands(i and a half) of year later.

Abraham Lincold has the gut and the courage to stand up for what he thinks was right as well as well as Lechs Wawrencza the former electrician of Solidarity or Toussaint Louverture who replied to his interlocutor when asked how does he intend to fight the French--I will fight them with their own weapons...

Pero what is Rene Preval vision for his country?

What has Preval done to even have at leat one mile of a clean perimeter at leats around the national Palace?

What has the boulanger do at least at the Airport which is our very first impression to the incoming world?

You see my point and Mr Zarien what is he even doing about his own city of Marmelade
Mr Zarien, long time ago during my passage at the medical school of Port au Prince I came with the theory of each elected official does something for their cities and leaves an imprint in their ville, their commune, their village..

Mr Zarien look how long has it been and look how many cities we would have had built, revamped if that theory has been put to practice
I am leaning towards asking for forgiveness only if that former half trained Agronomist remembers that the image of the presidency is the most important source of pride for any citizen.

Saludos desde Mexico

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H.d, May 12 2009, 12:52 AM

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