What would you expect from an IVROGNE. Voila...le President...

H.d - May 12 2009, 3:03 PM

What would you expect from an IVROGNE.

Voila...le President d'un pays souverain whose citizen has been executed in a public place by dirty people cheering and filming has this terrible crime a Private matter.

May be that what this boe Philippe was trying to say also. Maybe tomorrow when he is no longer drunk he will say Oh sorry I did not say that.
Tell me if there is any one in the right mind who would come out and say something so stupid when his citizens are being murdered and executed publicly
Tell the Junkie to go back baking bread in his village
Mad in Mexico City


Yon lot Gwo Manman Lorbeyyyy!

This is another GWO MANMAN LORBEYYY. IRRESPONSABILITY! President Preval just called that recent execution of the...

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How about that? What comes next after arm and head...

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