Well, haïtians are industrious, intelligent,hard working...

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Well, haïtians are industrious, intelligent,hard working and conscientious people.Haïtians are not notoriously known as thieves specialist in Europe or in latin America.

You may start getting your daily dose of cyber vitamins by scrutinizing the crime reports/police blotter/most wanted list from the above countries or check their archives.

You probably have some well documented fat but not facts about Haitian misdeeds.

Your baseline of functioning seem to be hamper by pulchritude preoccupation.Low self esteem might be the reason.

Haiti and Brazil are the bastion and repository of the African beauty.

I am afraid that your are following the Greek canon of beauty that precludes your ability to appreciate African beauty.

Trujulio had a similar fixation by denying his Haitian roots when asked.

Trujilio and many other people spend a fortune buying cosmetics with the secret illusive dream to look like white.Thereby, they loose their self respect to the group the want to emulate and to the group the try to reject.That is why many people want to appears lighter in their photo ID.

You are well aware that some desperadoes with the Greek standard complex manages to have nose job, lips jobs etc..with painful and disastrous results and never mind they become the laughing stock in the news.
Asta la vista- Dom

Pierre F. Lherisson, May 12 2009, 11:54 PM

Topic: Dominican behaded an Haïtian on 05-01-09 in D.R.

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Well, haitians are industrious,intelligent,hard working and conscientious people.Haitians are not notoriously known as... read more >
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