You are in denial So As Most Haitians

Concerned Haitian - May 13 2009, 1:38 PM

Tthose Industrious Intelligent Haitians are perhaps In your Imagination!
Haitian "Modus Operandi": The beg and ask you for everything you got or they steal from you. The "industrious intelligent" Haitians you are referring to may have been a small minority who were probably living in Haiti in the 1950's. However, they have since moved on. Even then, my great- grand- father said thing were not so great.

The debauchery (men sleeping with little girls, men taking advantage of bad situations for self-gratification and sex, men sleeping with boys and other men, men sleeping with mother, sisters even family member etc)was rampant among the military and the macoutes segment of society; now that type of mentality has spread all over Haiti.

During the past 20 years the majority of Haitians have become more "viscieux" then ever. They do not want to work hard, they want everything for free, they rather sell drugs and kidnap people.

They will think of nothing of gang raping a young girl or to steal someone's wallet, purse or gold chain in broad day light.

(Those are the type of behaviors that used to make immigrants dislike black Americans, remember that?) Haitians are now selling drugs to children coming out of schools.

They will kill their black brother for stealing a chicken or a bag of charcoal.

Ask yourself does the punishment fit the crime?

Is that the way that civilized people suppose to behave.

You must be in denial, because If the majority of Haitians are so intelligent and industrious how come the country stinks, the majority of the population are illiterate, they keep electing incompetent leaders who do nothing but blow a lot of hot air and steal the tax payers dollars without giving them anything back for their money?

When those in power can no longer ignore things for fear of losing their lives they start begging the international community for aid. Aids is rampant in Haiti and there is a population explosion due to their risky behavior when it comes to sex. Haiti is a failed state full of uneducated and uncivilized people.

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