In Denial? Majority of Haitians Have Nothing to Offer!

Concerned Haitians - May 13 2009, 2:02 PM

Take off your Prejudice cap about the light skin tone thing and do some self analysis; ask yourself why Haitians are chased off and disrespected wherever they go; specifically in the Dominican Republic?

It's a fact that crimes are rampant in Haiti, just because they do not have the statistics do not mean it's untrue.

You are in denial if you do not realize by now from your travels that the black race is one of the ugliest in the world.

Nothing will change that fact; I am not talking about East and North Africans here..

The majority of Africans from the South of the Sahara desert and their descendants in the Americas have not been loved by nature; not in comparisons to the Greeks, Persians, Arabs, Hindus, even some Europeans and some Asians.

For example Oprah regardless of how much make up and wigs and beautiful clothes she wears would still be considered an ugly woman by Latinos, Asians, Arabs, Hindus and Caribbean people.

On the other hand the model from Ethiopia Liya Kebede will always be considered beautiful even if she was wearing a paper bag. It's not the skin tone it's the features.

If most Haitians looked like Liya Kebede they too would be considered beautiful.

The majority of Haitians are in fact ugly. Aristide was one ugly dud inside and out considering the psychological games he played and the fact the previously poor priest departed Haiti with millions of the taxpayers money; from the very people he claimed did not pay "enough taxes." While people are working hard those in power want to get rich quick without working for their daily bread.For every one family who steal its way to the "bougeois class" one hundred thousands Haitians go hungry without an education or health care or a decent house to live. Does the need of the few supercide the needs of many?

The Haitian government operate without impunity, they do ot seem to realize the consequences of their actions.

Nothing will change until Haitians do some self analysis and take the necessary steps to alleviate their social, educational, and economic level.

"Throw all the bums out".

People who cannot do their jobs are usually fired.

Haitians are not welcomed in the Dominican Republic due to their past history; plus they are squatters, uneducated, diseased, and there is a good number of criminals among them on top of being black and ugly and culturally bankrupt.

There you have it. Do not tell me that poverty breed criminals, because in India and China the majority of the people were poor for a very long period in history; they never had that level of criminality as they do in Haiti.

And India and China have the largest population in the world.

Wake up. Face the truth and face the music.

The lessons are usually repeated until they are learned.

Picture of Liya Kebede
Picture of Oprah

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Wait a minnute, why are you being so condescending to...


Dominican behaded an Haïtian on 05-01-09 in D.R.

Let's hope that this ferocious and ignoble incident is not a prelude for more sinister events. Those who don't learn...

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