I was leaving but my friend stopped me. Who is delusional...

Concerned Haitian - May 13 2009, 3:05 PM

I was leaving but my friend stopped me. Who is delusional here?

Who is in denial here?

Who cannot face the thruth and realities of Haiti in 2009 here?

I do not know about you or your age group but I made the statements base on my knowledge of the Haiti that I know for 20 years.

Every nation is moving up while Haiti is going down in flames.

Self Hatred?

My dear dear Man I would offer you some free counseling but It would be a waste of my time.Just like I squandered my money in Haiti on UNGRATEFUL Haitians.

I guess Haiti and Haitians have to learned from the hard knocks of life. People who live in the past instead of the present are called losers.

People who repeat the same behavior expecting a different outcome is called a moron.

Bye for now. J'ai d'autres chats a fouetter et d'autres gens pour irriter sur l'internet.

See Ya Soon!

Response to:

Normally I would take your argument seriously but...


Dominican behaded an Haïtian on 05-01-09 in D.R.

Let's hope that this ferocious and ignoble incident is not a prelude for more sinister events. Those who don't learn...

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