Crime is the only Way to Make a Living Videos

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Here are some videos about the realities of Haiti.

Is this the Glory you are referring to?

Kidnapping is the only growth industry in Haiti.

Do yourself a favor and look how the rest of the world is living you might learn a thing or two. Preval has the ability to turn the kidnapping on and off. It's his way to remain in Power with the help of the gang leaders and the United Nations.

Isn't this sad when those in power are willing to do almost anything to remain in power.

Haiti has the highest concentration of missionaries trying to get them out of the darkness in their minds.Its ironic considering the history of Haiti.

It's also sad when your own kind betrays you so he and his family can live well while he sells the country right from under your feet.
Haiti (City Soleil Rape-Corruption)

Child Slavery

Gangs Drugs Kidnapping Bidonvilles

Enfants perdus d'Haïti (Rampant Child Abuse)

Massacres à Cité Soleil - What's going on in Haiti: Another View- PART 1
Voodoo Land - Haiti
I would say enjoy these videos but I am not so heartless.

Please save the BS for yourself OK.

Friends And Foes Are Watching You, May 13 2009, 3:51 PM

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Some of those videos "embedding have been disabled" but I typed their names you should be able to locate them on... read more >
Friend Of The Concerned Group, 13-May-09 4:15 pm
Kidnapping is the only sucessful business in Haiti. Rene Preval is a dumb bouki loser. The only way he can stay in... read more >
Luminarian., 13-May-09 9:48 pm


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