President Preval May you die of Cancer

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Renee Preval: May your brain filled with numerous tumors, may your liver and lungs rot.May your liver and your lungs rot. May your prostate cancer flare up again.

May your teeth's fall from your mouth.

May your viper deceiving tongue rot. May you catch Aids, Ebola, Swine flu all at once. Curse is the day you were born. Curse is your family for 7 generations.

May you and Aristide spend an eternity in hell. You and Aristide have sin against God and the Haitians people both in thoughts and in deeds.

May bad luck be your constant daily companion.

May your colon rot. May your skin rot, may all your hair fall. May you go blind, and deaf. May you die before the end of your term so I can spit on your grave.

Haiti cannot afford your incompetence and your crimes against the future of the Haitian people for another two years.

I put a legion of curses on you. May you die in a car accident, with a rotting body and spirit.May Haitians find ways to exposed all your crimes so you can be remembered one of the most dumb presidents in haitian

Luminarian, May 13 2009, 7:30 PM

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