Kidnapping is the only sucessful business in Haiti. Rene...

Luminarian. - May 13 2009, 9:48 PM

Kidnapping is the only sucessful business in Haiti.

Rene Preval is a dumb bouki loser.

The only way he can stay in power in Haiti is by having the United Nation soldiers on Haiti's soil. And the only way to keep the peace keepers in Haiti is to turn on and off the kidnapping.

The is the game this incompetent loser has been playing for quite a while as if all Haitians are dumb. Preval has failed as a business owner, a father a husband a citizen.

In fact Preval has failed in every aspects of his life; now he has Duvivier as a possible escape goat when its time for him to take his golden parachut.

Or she is the bourique to do his job for him. The men is so dumb, he makes Bouki looks smart.

He has no conscience whatsoever.

He is only interested in his own self-gratification Oh the selfishness! Preval ain't no brother he ain's no friend he is a parasite.

He should be afraid to die because he is going to hell.That's comforting to know he will not escape retribution for his crimes against the Haitian people.


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