Only in Haiti Can a Criminal Like Preval be President

The Avenger - May 18 2009, 3:44 PM

Only in Haiti would a Criminal Like Preval become President
Facts: Renee Preval was a cretin at school.

He was a failed business owner.

He has failed as a father, and a husband.

The man has sexual vices plus he is addicted to alcohol.

The man was part of the very Lavalas criminal group which used the chimeres and street gangs that him and Aristide armed to burn people alive, assassinate opponents, rape young girls as punishment for their parents being loyal to other political affiliations.

Obviously Preval had difficulty learning during his on the job training at his first term in office.

He certainly is not doing even a fair job during his second term in office regardless of the millions in international aid. Everybody from every political affiliation in Haiti is saying that the man is incompetent.

I will add that Preval is a loser and a mental midget uncle Tom. Preval's administration have received a lot of aid but the money keep disappearing in private bank accounts, nothing has changed for the better in Haiti.

If Preval cares about his legacy and wish to attract foreign businesses he will have to sacrifice his brotherhood of criminals at the altar of progress to save Haiti.

Preval is too dumb to realize that ex-president Bill Clinton along with all those businessmen are in fact a President Obama envoy who are trying to assist the country.

Haiti cannot afford another 2 years of the Incompetent Preval.

Even nature is punishing Haiti.

U.S. Former President William J. Clinton

Portrait of a Country: Haiti



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