Tiba Philippe Whoever? you guys gals are so silly

Concerned Hatiian - May 18 2009, 4:22 PM

This house negro and field negro analogy is quite interesting but it applies mostly to African-American in the United State's history not in the Caribbean.

If you are referring to Arabs Haitian or Greek Haitians or Hebrew Haitians or bi-racial Haitians your analogy lost its mark because once those people were borne on Ayiti's or Hispaniola soil they were never slaves themselves, and they never had to develop that uncle Tom mentality as you refer to it in order to survive on the white men crumbs.

In Haiti's history a lot the bi-racial people became well off and some were richer than the whites regardless of their lack of opportunities during those trying period of history.

I think this uncle Tom thing is a purely black phenomenon.

Take a good look at your President Preval.

I would not criticize other people's family if I was you, because you do not know the level of their accomplishments.

I have never met a biracial Haitian with a black identity crisis.

They always know exactly who there are. They do not expect a hand out from nobody and nobody certainly gave them anything either.

As I mentioned on my previous post nobody want to join the losing team. The black majority of Haitians need to pull themselves up from their primitive existence and learn to become more civilized and accomplished so they will earn the respect of the international community who are trying their very best to wrest them out of their ignorance.

Some people are not so forgiven.

Unlike the other party.

You seem to be the one with the slave mentality.

This is a new century what are you people still talking slavery for anyway.Hey Dumbo! There is no Lunaria or Lunarian over here. Pick on me and I will bite you back.

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Tiba says...

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Concerned Haitians says...

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Linda says...

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Hans Duperoi says...

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