I'm going to jump in here and give my 2 cents. I don't really...

Linda - May 18 2009, 6:55 PM

I'm going to jump in here and give my 2 cents.

I don't really know what Tiba said (couldn't find it), but it seems to me that one might want to understand that the terms "House Negro" and "Field Negro" are symbolic concepts, not actual references.

Most of the time, the use of this concept was based on how slaves understood each other, not on their actual position.

Historically a slave--even a field slave--who betrayed his own people was referred to as the master's house slave, and a slave who had revolutionary tendencies and strong character was often referred to as a field slave, even if he was a house servant.

Later, the terms became symbolic for a White wanna-be who would be referred to as House Negro, and the term Field Negro would be used for a black individual with strong character (light skin or not).

Now regarding the color issue.

It seems to me that there was a time that the light-skin Haitian elite was composed of real Haitians, whose ancestors had fought for independence, and who traditionally hated to be labeled "white." That is not the case anymore.

Most of the light-skin Haitian elite today act as if evolution by-passed them. They all seem to think that being white is something special, when in fact the rest of the world has moved beyond that. Hence, in the pass twenty years, not only has Haiti taken tremendous steps backwards politically and economically, but we have now become retards culturally.

This new light-skin Haitian elite is just as low as the new blacks in power.

They lack knowledge, pride, and dignity.

They will cut their mother's throat for money, and will sell their father for a mule. But more than that, culturally their racial behavior shows that their mentality did not evolve since the 1930s; way before people of color all over the world started taking pride in themselves.

Furthermore, this racist new light-skin elite knows nothing about Haitian history.

They have no real roots in the country.

Most of them have more allegiance to their Middle Eastern country than they do to Haiti and that is one of the key reason why they actually HATE black Haitians.



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