And that must stop Linda My grand mother is french and my...

Hans Duperoi - May 19 2009, 10:17 AM

And that must stop Linda
My grand mother is french and my grand father is black and Linda I know what you mean. This stupidy has to stop. In France, in Germany and in MEXICO WHEREVER i MEET THEM i TELL THEM THE SAME THING.

Remember it does not matter how much money or how much education you have you are from Haiti and and you are haitian.

At the Canadian College in Haiti that was the same shit and frankly that hampers the unity of the country and causes this mess we have in Haiti.

Despite the fact that I lost a few family members in the south in the 60 and 70 I remain convinced this one idea of Duvalier was good
A true Haitian of direct french origin who is nothing but HAITIAN a goddamm mulato, not a godamm tirouge, not a gaddam grimo and not a gaddamm ti blanc but a haitian who is married to a Mexican woman here in Mexico but whose children know that they are also Haitians

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