Indeed Hans; My family members range from the very white to...

Linda - May 19 2009, 2:51 PM

Indeed Hans; My family members range from the very white to the very dark, and I am not talking about distant relatives.

I have cousins who are very dark and cousins who if they wanted to could pass for white.

They are all of Haitian parents, who descended from different origins.

We have German, French, Cuban, and Mayan Indian in our background.

My cousin and I are extremely close, and, although she is two shades lighter than me, we look a lot alike.

In the Haiti that we used to know, people always noticed how much we looked alike.

Now all they notice is that our color is different (well I should not generalize.

It is the new upper class light skin elite who have taken Haiti and the new blacks, both groups exactly the same, who make the color their main focus).

I have nieces and nephews of all hews, but all of them know that they are Haitian--they don't think of themselves in terms of color.

But than again, we were raised by they old Haitian social groups.

They knew their history and passed it on to us. They knew that there was a time when to be Haitian meant that you could not identify yourself as white because according to our constitution to own land in Haiti you had to be Haitian and according to Dessalines no Haitian was white.

So, in Haiti, being white had no value.

The old elites knew their heritage and were proud of just being Haitian.

Maybe their was some subtle form of race discrimination, but this racist society we now see in Haiti is so retro, and out of step with the rest of the world's progress on race, that it only makes us look more like retards than we already do.

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