Rush Limbaugh takes on Haiti/Clinton

Tiba - May 22 2009, 8:25 AM

Reacting to ex-President Bill Clinton's appointment as UN special envoy to Haiti, radio personality Rush Limbaugh had this to say yesterday:

"I'm just gonna tell you, if I was named envoy to Haiti, I'd quit government.

Envoy to Haiti?

You can't even pick up a prostitute down there without genuine fear of AIDS."

More ammunition have now been given to Rush Limbaugh and to his radical right wing racist, hatemongers, blood thirsty collegues to amount a case against Haiti by the capture of this Haitian terrorist the other day.

Laguerre Payen, who is a Haitian citizen, was amongst 3 other American citizens captured plotting to commit terrorist acts against the United Stsates.

I have 2 questions: 1) Will U.S. embark on a mass deportation of Haitians because of this Laguerre Payen's intention to commit terrorist acts in the U.S.?


2) will U.S. have to bomb Haiti and take Haiti out of her misery for producing one terrorist, Laguerre Payen?

What kind of punishment or retaliation that Haiti will have to face with from the United States for Laguerre Payen, a Haitian citizen with intentions to commit terrorist acts against the United States?

Just when I thought that we, Haitians/Haiti had enough already in our plate to worry about, the appointment of Clinton as special envoy to Haiti is causing Rush Limbaugh to tare Haiti down, and now this presumed Haitian terrorist just added fuil to the fire.

What do you people think?

Is this the beginning of the end of Haiti?

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Miche Isaac says...

Rush Limbaugh is nothing but radio show talker; he has the right to speak is mine in any circonstances. There is one... more »

Rodeline Paul says...

All Haitians should not have to be called to judgment for the mistake of one. However, I do agree that, this will put... more »

Tiba says...

Rodeline Paul, I hear you and I understand everything you said about Rush Limbaugh, but never underestimated his power... more »

Zac says...

Rush Limbaugh is a right wing extremist. He's a repulsive, racist, ignorant and intolerant fool, I'm not too concern... more »

Tiba says...

Zac, I agree with all your descriptions of Rush Limbaugh. I could not have descibed him any better, and this is why I... more »

Zac says...

I definitely agree that he's influential. Anyone with 20 millions listeners is influential. I don't know how we should... more »

Tiba says...

Zac Do you remember late last year when Don Imus made the comment (nappy hair) about the black girl player? Well, as... more »

Olnick says...

only Rush would know about picking up Prostitute, that loud mouth convicted drug addict, he had to pay to get out of... more »

Hans Duperoi says...

Don.t worry This fat crack head, oxymoron and oxycoton addicted will die soon. His kidney is failing and it is too sad... more »

Linda says...

The more attention Rush gets the more he likes it. Ignore him and he will look for a fight elsewhere. more »