Zac, It seems to me there only 3 people on this blog with the...

Tiba - May 23 2009, 8:32 PM


It seems to me there only 3 people on this blog with the wisdom and brain power capable to challenge Mr. Montresor for his presidential bid of 2011 and they are: you, Linda and myself.

What I saw on Montresor's website is a 15 points plan very vague he has for Haiti if he would to become president, and not POLICY.

Like I said before, his 15 points plan resemble to my information gathering when I had to write my college papers.

They make no sense whatsoever.

Here's why I am against Montresor:

1) As usual, it wasn't hard to discover the incompetence and the mediocrity of Montresor.

It is pretty obvious.

I refuse to support another incompetent and mediocre, Haiti has had enough of those people.

2) Montresor believes in his qualification for president based on a computer store he has and on a few pattents that he claimed to have. And yet, he still cannot show/prove any of those pattents to anyone.

He can even tell the world what kind of pattents they are. What exactly he had invented?

Nobody knows! he wants me to call the federal pattent commission to ask about his inventions.

This is proved how little understanding he has about politics.

The burden of proof lies on him and not on me because I am not running for president nor for
other public office.

3) reading his website and reading some of his short posts here on the blog tells me how delusional he is about politics.

I really don't think this guy knows the basic concept of politics.

I really don't care much about someone education level to be president because history shown most of the greatest leaders of the world has little education, but it is his understanding of politics and governance that scare me about Montresor.

Running a computer company and a few inventions cannot qualify someone to be president of any country not even the president of a cave.

Haiti has have enough!

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Montresor I respect the fact that you have a website...


My Fellow Haitians I Montresor need your help!

My Fellow Haitians, I need your help! Thank you and may God Bless You! montresor2011 at

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