Zac, I agree with all your descriptions of Rush Limbaugh. I...

Tiba - May 24 2009, 3:51 PM


I agree with all your descriptions of Rush Limbaugh.

I could not have descibed him any better, and this is why I don't listen to his show.

However, to give him a deaf hear and pretend he is harmless and that he is talking for the sake of talking would be naive and irresponsible in anyone's part.

I misreported the total number of his flock at 12 million earlier.

It is in fact at 20 million.

All of these 20 million people take everything this man says as supreme truth.

These people live by what this man has to say.

Yes, he is powerful, very influencial, and very capable to change minds and perception.

Sorry if you don't recognize his power and influence but it's reality.

And he needs to be stopped head on before he causes further damage to Haiti.

Though I have a feeling that Preval government has already praised him and applauded Rush for his recent comments abouth Haiti because that's what the Haitian government does.

I am therefore calling on the diaspora to take Rush Limbaugh on for his insulting and dihumanization racist comments against the entire country of Haiti.

Sometimes, it takes a little poor person to bring a giant rich and powerful person down. The powerful democrats cannot touch him maybe the small poor country like Haiti it's all that is needed to bring him down.

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