Zac Do you remember late last year when Don Imus made the...

Tiba - May 24 2009, 5:15 PM


Do you remember late last year when Don Imus made the comment (nappy hair) about the black girl player?

Well, as you can remember, even though he made a mountain of apology to his listeners, to the girl and to the African American community, he ended up losing his job anyway.

I am not talking about changing Rush Limbaugh's mind nor his listeners' minds either, at least we can look for an apology from him. How to do that you may ask, by using the same strategy everybody else uses "a peaceful demonstration" in front of his house in the rich peaceful neighbohood of West Palm Beach and in front of the radio station where he is flapping his big mouth so much. The Haitian community can also call for his advertisers to drop him also.

Now, the big question is, does the Haitian diaspora have the guts for something like that?

Are we, Haitians, brave enough and ready to take on one of the most powerful slave master in American, Rush Limbaugh?

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