Hi Guys, I'm a haitian. I was born in Haiti, went to school...

P.z. - May 24 2009, 7:03 PM

Hi Guys,

I'm a haitian.

I was born in Haiti, went to school there, came to the states, went to college, and so on. My wife is Dominican.

We met in college.

I've been several times to the Dominican Republic.

I've visited her family.

I walk the streets of the Dominican Republic all the times with her and our kids. I've been to some very rich Dominican family's houses.

They welcome me with open arms. I also welcome them with open arms when they come to visit us in the states.

It's a sad thing to say but the discrimination is more prevalent among the very poor. It's similar to the way things used to be in the South of the United States.

Most of the Lynchings were not done by rich or well to do whites.

They were done by lower class, mostly uneducated thugs.

My point is that discrimination exist every where.

The dominicans encounter a similar situation when they go to Porto Rico. Porto Ricans consider themselves better than Dominicans.

They don't treat them well when they go to Porto Rico. I see it here in the states and in Porto Rico. Dominicans go to Porto Rico to do the medial jobs that Porto Ricans don't want to do. They are treated like dirt.

One more thing about Dominican Republic and Dominicans not considering themselves black.

That's not true. Dominicans from the North--the part that they call "The Cibao" are light-skin.

They don't consider themselves black.

Dominicans from the south, are virtually indistinguishable from Dominicans, except when they speak.

They are dark skinned, etc...


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