Top 10 Rene Preval Videos, 24 May 2009

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<p>The following are the top ten most watched videos on the <A HREF=""> video section</A> for Sunday 24 May 2009, we add new videos on a regular basis so check our <A HREF="">video section</A> for the latest videos.

<p><B>Top 10 Rene Preval Videos, Sunday 24 May 2009.</B></p>
<table border="1" width="100%" cellpadding="8" cellspacing="4">
<td width="10%" bgcolor="#fafafa"><b>Top&nbsp;10</b></td>
<td width="70%" bgcolor="#fafafa"><b>Video Title</b></td>
<td width="20%" bgcolor="#fafafa"><b>Views</b></td>
<td width="10%"># 1</td>
<td width="80%"><A HREF="">Did Obama Diss Preval </A></td>
<td width="10%">3314</td>
<td width="10%"># 2</td>
<td width="80%"><A HREF="">2009 Wishes From Jean Claude Duvalier Baby Doc </A></td>
<td width="10%">219</td>
<td width="10%"># 3</td>
<td width="80%"><A HREF="">Rene Preval Interview in New York</A></td>
<td width="10%">124</td>
<td width="10%"># 4</td>
<td width="80%"><A HREF="">L Ex President Jean Bertrand Aristide</A></td>
<td width="10%">123</td>
<td width="10%"># 5</td>
<td width="80%"><A HREF="">Haiti Food Riots</A></td>
<td width="10%">120</td>
<td width="10%"># 6</td>
<td width="80%"><A HREF="">Woman Chosen As Haiti Prime Minister Nominee</A></td>
<td width="10%">114</td>
<td width="10%"># 7</td>
<td width="80%"><A HREF="">Aristide Liberation Theology Part 1</A></td>
<td width="10%">113</td>
<td width="10%"># 8</td>
<td width="80%"><A HREF="">Jean Claude Duvalier Haiti</A></td>
<td width="10%">109</td>
<td width="10%"># 9</td>
<td width="80%"><A HREF="">U S Secretary Of State Haiti Bilateral</A></td>
<td width="10%">107</td>
<td width="10%"># 10</td>
<td width="80%"><A HREF="">President Preval Desarmement Ou La Mort </A></td>
<td width="10%">105</td>
</tr></table><p>There are lots of videos available to you right here on, <A HREF="">visit our video section</A> to see all the videos we have available., May 25 2009, 12:29 AM

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