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good morning Mr the president RENE GACIA PREVAL SO i take the time to ask you something about he minimum salary for the workers in haiti where everywhere in the world people dont work for nothing if you look at the chat of FLORIDA agenda on minimum salary for the poor is 6.75 dollars per hour so they work 8 hours a day and gain 6. 75multiply by 8 and at the end of the day the person go home with at least 45 dollars so why in haiti the indistry peoples wants to pay the labors lest than the other country and you accept that why !because every where ouvrier qui travaille merite son salaire why in haiti you tolerate the rich unconsious to continue to exploit the country whrer they dont even pay tax sur les salaires why?

in life you cannot always favorise the friends we can understand that but not at all the time you must accept what the others want sometime he have to be on your side also the deputy vote for the salary minimum for those who work but nothing for those who dont have a job what they are going to eat you tell me I want to know if people who dont work because they dont find a job dont suppose to eat talk to me ...francois leogane

Francois Astre, May 27 2009, 10:35 AM

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