Zac - there is unfortunately something about debating that you...

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Zac - there is unfortunately something about debating that you missed in your debating class.

No offense, but maybe you we had skipped class that day.

When debating your arguments do not have to base only on facts.

There is what's called personal opinion/view/assumption/ and perception that is also acceptable.

The burden of proof rests on you to show me where I am wrong in my assessment or attack etc. etc...

I do know when not to generalize and when to do so.

You said that it is wrong to generalize and that minimizes my credibility and that makes me an ignorant and uninformed, right?

Well, my friend, it seems that your approach and defensive attack on my character tells me that I am right to generalize.

Here's my point, you and P.z. are accusing me of generalizing ALL Dominicans as the same and it is wrong.

You 2 are using this accusation as a defense mechanism to undermine my argument and shut me off, it is a common strategy people use 24/7 when they get themselves cornered with the truth.

That is always their best strategy to get out of the argument/debate.

Generalizing ALL Dominicans to be the same is an "opinion" and it is my personal opinion/view/assumption, which is based on the inaction from the general public for not standing up against the violence, the hatred, and the lynching of Haitians living in their country.

It is not scientific nor a fact finding.

It is not academically speaking a "true" statement.

Anyway, I made my case whether you like it or not. You just have to prove me wrong by pointing out some of the actions taken by the general public against what I accused them for. Don't come and rebuque my statement by calling me ignorant, uninformed, and non credible for my generalization statement.

If you cannot prove me the steps taken by the general Dominican population to stop ALL the things that I accused them for then my generalization of them does stand.

I am not here to sound politically correct.

My job is to challenge anyone and everybody on any topic/issue/subject that matters to Haiti/Haitians.

Prove me that I am wrong for putting ALL Dominican in the same basket by pointing out their activism action to stop the violence, the lynching, and the hatred of Haitians in their country and will be more than happy to make a public apology to all of them.

Until then my accusation stands tall!

Tiba, May 27 2009, 7:18 PM

Topic: I got cut off by Haitian embassy in D. C.

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Zac, 27-May-09 5:06 pm
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Linda, 27-May-09 6:40 pm
Zac - there is unfortunately something about debating that you missed in your debating class. No offense, but maybe... read more >
Tiba, 27-May-09 7:18 pm
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Zac, 27-May-09 8:29 pm
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Tiba, 28-May-09 8:06 am
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Georges Metellus, 28-May-09 9:43 am
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Zac, 28-May-09 12:37 pm
let me tell some thing: he who want to say that all dominicans are racist is an ugly black idiot who think the fact he... read more >
El Caribeno, 28-May-09 1:47 pm
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