Tiba I understand you've established a reputation for yourself...

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Tiba I understand you've established a reputation for yourself here. AKA the big guy who calls all the shots.

Sure, I'm the new guy but I'm not here to dethrone anybody.

Now you say I've manage to distort your character beyond imagination.

Really, well, I must be pretty good.

In my posts all i did was to challenge your theory that because Dominicans were not taking to the streets to protest against persecutions Haitians face, they were all racists.

When I wouldn't follow the crowd you deviated completely from your argument and resorted to these low-blow insults about nationality and education.

Now it's the "I'm the victim card." What's next?

Yes I talked about fairness, because it wasn't and will never be fair to judge an entire nation on the actions of some. Common sense is not so common.

I will say it again and again, if one is going to fight against injustice he has to fight it fairly.

Because if you don't fight fairly you will open the door for an endless cycle of violence.

I know how Haitians like to destroy and insult people who don't agree with them, I know, I've experienced it, that's why in my arguments I tried to be civilized and restraint I tried to find common ground while we debated but each time you respond you skillfully find a way to twist what i say and attack.

In this and in your prior post you said, I said I was a Dominican, something I never said.

And then you started bragging about being an American and your schooling, making these cheap, low-class jokes about deportation, telling me not to assume that ALL members of this blog are Haitian citizens, or are illiterate, uneducated, or otherwise.

I never did assume such a thing.

Now was little Haitian Zac supposed to tremble in fear because the great Tiba is a citizen of the great United States and that he has a college degree from no doubt an American university.

I'm not scared that you pulled your, "I'm an American card".

So, you're an American, big deal.

I don't have any hidden insecurities about being a Haitian, or my education.

I've very proud that I'm a son the first black republic, very much proud of my Haitian heritage.

And I never claimed to be more Haitian or more educated than anybody.

Yes did say you shouldn't presume to think you can educate me, it was in reference to Dr. Paul Farmer, and in reference to the steps Haiti took to fight AIDS.

I read...

I did say no one on this blog can question my intelligence and the level of my education.

The old saying is true "mennen couleve lekol se yon mete'l chita se de"
clearly education and wisdom are two different things.

All I have is a High school diploma, i plan on going to college to further my education.

But with or without a college degree to flaunt, I can more than hold my own in any conversation or debate.

There's education and then there is wisdom, intelligence and common sense.

I've learned that i can learn a lot more by listening to people who disagrees with me, I don't have to attack them. And I'm secure enough to know that my status is not diminished when someone disagrees with me.

Things are not always as they seem, little old Haiti brought France a superpower down to its knees back in the days.

I'm not gonna respond to you anymore not because the bullying worked not because of your superior education.

I won't respond because you said I distorted your character beyond imagination.

clearly you and I have a different definition for self-destruction.

I had better be careful, it seems I'm to blame for everything, next time the ever so right Tiba runs over his neighbor child out of anger he will certainly say that Zac provoked him being imagination to do it.

Zac, May 29 2009, 12:50 PM

Topic: I got cut off by Haitian embassy in D. C.

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