Zac, first let me make it clear that I am not getting involve...

Linda - May 29 2009, 1:31 PM

Zac, first let me make it clear that I am not getting involve with this endless male shoving match that you and Tiba are having.

So, although this is responding to something in that post, it has nothing to do with you and Tiba.

You made a point that I really wanted to address--you said, "All I have is a High school diploma, i plan on going to college to further my education.

But with or without a college degree to flaunt, I can more than hold my own in any conversation or debate.There's education and then there is wisdom, intelligence and common sense."

Regarding that statement, I must say that you are correct.

An education is a valid tool, however, it is useless when not accompanied by wisdom.

I have an MA and a PhD, so a person who does not know me may not know that one of my favorite people to talk with is my older brother who never went to college a day in his life. I have other brothers and sisters who have higher degrees than he does, but are far from being as wise as he is. There's one reason that he is so wise, the man did not go to college, but he reads more than anyone else I know. There is very little that is going on around the world that he does not know about.

He really does not even read heavy books, but he reads a lot of news papers and national and international news magazines.

More than that, he, unlike a lot of people I know is able to actually read between the lines an formulate an opinion without getting excited.

He will have a complete debate with you without ever putting you down. So you see, education is not true knowledge or wisdom.

A person who has an accounting degree and never reads about what's going on around him in the world that we live is really dumber than a person who did not go to college but reads a lot and can analyze what they've read.

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