Zac I did promise myself not to answer any more of your...

Tiba - May 29 2009, 2:05 PM


I did promise myself not to answer any more of your messages on this very issue, but I am compelled to repeal that decision and say something about this one.

With all due respect, you now really "sound" like a kid. Go back and review the content of all of your answers to my posts on this isuue of the Dominican Republic that we've been talking about.

You'll find that you are the one who've been doing all of the attacking.

Your very second post referred to me as ignorant, uninformed, exagerate, and noncredible because I used the term "generalize" to classify ALL Dominicans as racist.

Once again, I took you for Dominican because of the context in which you asked me to stop educating you about your country.

You never identify youself as Haitian, Dominican, nor American.

You brought up Rush into the discusion, and I defended by argument by using progress that is being made on AIDS and mentioned Dr. Paul Farmer.

If you had said that you were Haitians and you knew about the progress Haiti has made about HIV/AIDS and you are fully aware and know of Dr, Paul Farmer, and therefore, I am not an expert to educate you about your country, then I would never take you for a Dominican or an American.

This is why I advised you earlier to be clear and precised in your statements because it is not the readers' job to find out about what you mean and what you are saying.

In fact Zac, my statements about going to schooling/college degrees and learned just like you, was a compliment to you because you come across as very intelligent well uducated person.

I just wanted you to know that you were not the only one with a college education who know about certain things.

You said that you only have a high school diploma, which is hard to believe, but in any case, if that is true, I'll give it to you, your writing and your English command are exceptional.

Believe me when I say that I have read a lot of writings from a lot of high school sudents and it is total desaster.

You did not ask me for advice, but if I were you, as college goal, I would major in either English, Research, or editing.

Oh, I just remember there is no real career future in English unless you want to teach.

In any event, I wish you the best in your continuing education as you invisioning higher education.

Remember that the sooner the better.

Don't let anyone discourage you, telling you have no money or your parents cannot afford paying for you to go to college.

There is always finacial aid (Pell Grant and TAP) you get from the government for free and very easy to get. You just have to go to the school you want to attend and talk to someone in the finacial department.

And if you're living alone and self-supporting, you can also get student loans to live on while going to school if it is too much for you to go to school and work at the same time.

Obama has just increased the financial aid and the student loan amounts.

Good luck!

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