Linda I say "Amen e Insiswatil" to that. That has always been...

Tiba - May 29 2009, 2:29 PM


I say "Amen e Insiswatil" to that.

That has always been my interst in any debate or argument that Have been in with anyone.

I have an aquaintance who has a Ph.D who is extremely book smart, but the guy just cannot hold any discussion about world events or anything else. Frankly, I wondered sometimes maybe he got his Ph.D from K-mart or Wal-Mart on sale. I knew an engineer who could not turn a stove on to boil an egg.

I never questioned anyone's education unless I get attacked on my education level because education doesn't play to much of a role in everything conversation and in everything we do.

So far, Preval is one person that I know who is not book smart and no wisdom.

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