Guys it's true I don't have a college degree. Four years ago I...

Zac - May 29 2009, 3:36 PM

Guys it's true I don't have a college degree.

Four years ago I got accepted into the University of Montreal, in Canada but I never went because the loan process fell apart, i needed a co-signer.

Also, my parents didn't want me to go, they said it would have been difficult for me to succeed studying in french but that was precisely why i wanted to go. I wanted to be as comfortable in French as i am in English.

They wanted me to go to school here in the US.

When I was in High school i discovered that when i read and analyze the style of a writer that improved my writing, so i started reading more and more. I have a fascination for words and politics.

A teacher once told me that i should be a writer but that doesn't really interest me.

I read a lot books and news articles.

Tiba if you happen to read this I really wasn't trying to be mean-spirited, it's just that i have a habit of sticking to my gun if i think something is right.

The two of you are right it's time to move on.

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