Haiti-Project Summer 2009

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Dear President,

I have been trying to find a way to get in touch with you about a project that some students from my school in United States of America plan to do in Haiti.

We are an organization at the University of South Florida, in Tampa, FL. The name of the Project is Haiti Summer of Service 2009. We are planning on doing some tree plainting and medical services together with some volunteer Doctors in Haiti.

I would like to know how we can have a more formal conversation about the project that we intent to do this June.

Marc D. Felix
mdfelix at mail.usf.edu

Marc Donald Felix, May 30 2009, 5:12 PM

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Max, you might want to contact the Consulate office in Miami or the Minister D'outre mer. They would be better off... read more >
Bonsamaritin, 30-May-09 5:59 pm
Mark, why did you write to the president on this blog; did you just want the rest of us to know that you are doing... read more >
Linda, 31-May-09 12:59 am
Well Linda, I would be glad to get as many people that I could to be involved in Haiti. There is nothing for me out... read more >
Marc, 31-May-09 2:32 am
Linda I get amazed everytime I see people addressing Preval on this blog looking to have some kind of personal... read more >
Tiba, 31-May-09 9:19 am
I am very familiar with the international travel or project policies colleges like SFU. That is why I am not sure that... read more >
Linda, 31-May-09 10:52 pm
Mark, I think that having a project to help Haiti is great. I just think that a person should not pretend to be doing... read more >
Linda, 31-May-09 10:59 pm
hold one guys. Don't just through punch like that.This get nothing to do with the univesity by itself, it was just my... read more >
Marc, 1-Jun-09 6:02 am
Marc, you are a dishonest individual. This is what your first post said: "We are an organization at the University of... read more >
Linda, 1-Jun-09 11:12 am
LOL, you just don't get it. The organization exist at USF but it does not represent the University, nor taking any... read more >
Marc, 1-Jun-09 12:03 pm
Marc, you wrote to the President of Haiti with the claim that "We are an organization at the University of South... read more >
Linda, 1-Jun-09 12:42 pm
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