Is Alexis the right choice?

Ayisyen Patriyot - May 20 2006, 10:01 PM

I am afraid Alexis is not the right choice in this moment.

His ideas may be surraneous.

His past as a prime minister was not so glorious.

The man cannot speak a decent french, he is probably capable but there are rumors he stole more than 300 million dollars and put 80 million in Preval's account which Preval did not want and that Aristide forced him to take; Anyway Preval spent all that money in Marmelade, his hometown because he felt bad about it; Preval is an honest man, but what about Alexis.

We need fresh ideas, honesty, not the same old same old.

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Paul Frederic says...

Je ne me fais pas l'avocat du diable mais il faudra faire attention, on ne doit pas propager les rumeurs car cela peut... more »

Ayisyen Patriyot says...

Ok, Je suis d'accord mais je m'attendais a ce que le nouveau president tendit la main aux plus capables, qu'ils... more »

Pwenfepa Mored says...

This choice sends the wrong message to those of us who dared to hope that Preval would finally end the long running... more »

Ayisyen Patriyot says...

I agree: Alexix is not the right man now. I'd rather have Manigat. Even though he's older than Alexis, I think his... more »

Ayisyen Patriyot says...

You chose your man You picked your man Stay with your man Stick with your wrong man History will tell us You've been... more »