Hell is a Haitian prison

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By all accounts, the prisons in Haiti are some of the worst in the world.

The prisoners have little access to medical treatment, and even, in some cases, to adequate food and clean water.


Jacques Pierre, June 5 2009, 7:46 PM

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Hell maybe Haiti's prisons,but compared to the conditions that criminals in Brazil face they make Haiti's prisons look... read more >
509queen954, 11-Jun-09 9:51 pm
509queen, do you live in Brazil? read more >
Linda, 12-Jun-09 12:21 am
No,but I have read on the internet that they do that. Do you live in Brazil? read more >
509queen954, 12-Jun-09 5:10 pm
When are you going to realize something is wrong and see if we can make some changes... some people do need to be... read more >
Jpierre, 14-Jun-09 7:21 pm
I've already realized that Haiti has many problems that are left unsolved and doesn't even seem to be getting any type... read more >
509queen954, 16-Jun-09 8:21 am
509queen, Reading your little message, I keep shaking my head and while saying my, my, my. So, you are going to open... read more >
Tiba, 16-Jun-09 2:52 pm
Tiba is bbbback. I only read a couple of line of this post before I knew that it was from you. Hey guy, sorry to hear... read more >
Linda, 16-Jun-09 4:28 pm
Linda - Thanks! I was planning to start that exercise regiment this week. read more >
Tiba, 17-Jun-09 7:02 am
And yet Haiti had the nerve to through Ernest Bennet into a prison in Haiti! read more >
John Anders, 29-Jun-09 12:11 am
John Anders, You need to calm down before you blow a gasket. I can see you have a profound love and admiration for... read more >
Tiba, 29-Jun-09 6:13 am
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