One more haitian hater who identify himself. Haitians didn't...

James - June 5 2009, 8:22 PM

One more haitian hater who identify himself.

Haitians didn't fabricate aids. If he's serious about what he said, that's a shame.

In this case, he does need to reeducate himself quickly about aids. Everybody wants to be famous by denigrating or killing haitians, everybody prey on Haiti because it's not North Korea and it'll never be, Haiti is a very easy target to all cowards even those their stomach of whom has enough place for both Jupiter and Saturn.What does he need a prostitute for?Mine is much bigger than Limbaugh's.If he's a real man he shouild open his mouth to inform not to disinform..Stop the insult!Leave Haiti and haitians alone Limbaugh.

Haitian females are delicious, they have big butt and hairy hill or a mountain between their ...


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