I agree Wildor, it makes absolutely no sense. 200 years of...

509queen954 - June 12 2009, 11:59 PM

I agree Wildor, it makes absolutely no sense.

200 years of being a free republic and no progress what so ever. If you ask me Haiti should have been the richest republic and the most respected, not only because we were the first black republic to gain independence, but because we had a head start in the game. Imagine this we gained our independence before countries like the Bahamas and all of Latin America, Jamaica and so forth.

But yet today we are viewed as the poorest nation in the carribean.

How embarrasing! I hope and pray that in the future their will be a leader that will not only make the government of Haiti work, But It will start working, providing and taking care of the people and citizens of the counrty! And you right about the voodoo thing.

I think It would be best if Haiti abolished voudoo, but that seems impossiable since the majority of the counrty practices it.


RE: Electricity In Haiti

hello i'm wildor out of atlanta ga a general contractor. i love haiti so much but, we need help. the help we need is...

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