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Tiba - June 25 2009, 8:20 PM


Thank you for the wonderful praises, acknowledgment and all. This is why when I become presidente of Haiti Thomas you will be on top of the list of my prime minister appointees.

You'll be likely to get job, but as you knows, I have to put other candidates on list as a way to apaise/avoid a clash with those in the senate.

It's all mambo jumbo politics a l'haitienne!

In a more serious note, we all need to adopt the philosophy of "to agree to disagree", after all this is politics.

I am not here to convince anyone to agree with my idiology, philosophy, and principle, because like everyone else, I am still walking on the learning path.

I am a controversial kinda guy in a very good way. I bring up subjects using what appears to be a harsh tone sometimes as a way to engage people in the conversations, to make people talk. I do know, however, my style of debating does turn some people off especially those who are looking for allies.

I have learned quite a lot on the blog because people say a lot of things that I had never thought about.

Nonetheless, the interest and the enthousiasm start to fade away when people start using other members'identity to post messages because they are lack of guts and courage to use or create their own identity.

This has been going on for a very long time now. Linda and some other members have experienced the same thing in the past.

But the frustration is exacebated by the incompetence and the unwillingness of Woodring, the site administrator, to put an end to it.

On other sites administrating by competent people, a member who tries to sign in with an already existing name/identity, the system pops up a message telling you that this name/identity is already in use, try a different one.
Why can't this site do the same thing?

Does it cost a lot of money to provide that feature on this site?

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