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Robert M. St Fleur - June 27 2009, 3:21 PM

I visited your site, it's very attractive but I do not see the plan that you have in mind for Haiti.

Everybody has a right to see the plan; please post it on every Haitian site so the public can view it and share its opinion.

There should be also a promise to follow the plan once you get on power.

Broken promises are not allowed for many of our past Presidents did not keep their promises.

You only have two years to get prepared for the Election, start as soon as you can and do your best to make it happen.

I met you before Dr Guy, Edy Brisseaux and I performed for you in many occasions in Brooklyn and long Island.

The last time you invited me I could not make it. Tiba is very unknown to me; now I know who you are.

Put me down as one of your supporters, make sure you bring changes in every aspect.

We can't continue to back up instead of going forward; inadequate constructions, unfavorable streets, broken stores, hunger etc make Haiti their favorite spot. Are you ready to change the face of the Island?

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I think Mr.Saintpreux should keep the site as is...


I am Tiba Dr Guy Théodore2011 Président D'Haiti

My Name is Tiba (Dr Guy Théodore) and I am running for Président D'Haiti in 2011 Published on Jun 17, 2009...

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Robert M. St Fleur, I am the real and the only Tiba...

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