Robert M. St Fleur, I am the real and the only Tiba on the...

Tiba - June 27 2009, 6:13 PM

Robert M. St Fleur,

I am the real and the only Tiba on the blog. The so-called Dr. Guy is Not Tiba and Tiba is not Dr.Guy either.

I am Not running for anything in Haiti and do Not have a website either.

This fake and phony Dr. Guy needs to get rid of my name "Tiba" if he is really running for something in Haiti.

This is proved the incompetent and mediocrity of these Haitians who want to run Haiti.

If this so-called Dr, Guy was really running for president he would not have used my identification/name on his website as if I'm the one running for president.

If you people are careless enough to give your hard sweat money to this fake candidate, you are dumber than I thought.

Dr.Guy I want you to have some integrity and stop using my ID to your presidential campaign website.

It's not easy to be me, so stop trying!

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I visited your site, it's very attractive but I do...


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Tiba, this is something you should take to court...

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