I am sorry you have a hard time following me. I am a...

Earl - June 29 2009, 2:27 PM

I am sorry you have a hard time following me. I am a commercial pilot and was the chief pilot for Ernest Bennett and while there is no need to dwell on him because he is dead let me say I care for Haiti and am concerned about the demise of the country and feel there are ways for Haiti to come back. One way, in my recent emails to Dr. Guy Theodore, is to establish again Air Haiti to bring tourists back into Haiti.

Tourist business is good because it helps the foreign exchange of a country.

You can contact Dr. Guy Theodore regarding my emails to him and I also sent him photos of my luxury residence in Florida which I am prepared to offer for use as Haiti Consulate in FL if he wants me to manage a new Air Haiti and I have also given him new ideas to obtain inexpensive but fully qualified pilots from our local Embry Riddle Aviation University (google ERAU).

If you want to write me directly at: rkgs at cfl.rr.com I will send you the photos of my place I sent to Dr. Guy Theodore.

When is the election anyway?

I have also suggested to him trip to Abaco island in the Bahamas where there is large illegal community of people from Haiti to attempt to get them involved in his campaign.

Apparently Baby Doc isn't going to be able to return to Haiti so I guess its best to move on with new leadership like Dr. Guy Theodore.

Don't you agree?


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