You are entitled to your personal opinions but I think...

Earl - June 29 2009, 8:10 PM

You are entitled to your personal opinions but I think regarding the hardships you have described about Haiti I know personally of them and it was because of them that I eventually decided to return to the U.S. but let me assure you it doesn't have to always be that way. There was a time long ago when Haiti was at war with the Dominican Republic and was winning the war until a witch doctor ask Haitis' brilliant general to return home for some reason and then Haiti lost the war. I care about Haiti otherwise I would not be offering suggestions and yes tourist dollars will help Haiti because it helps to not only provide jobs but it helps the balance of payments and foreign exchange.

If Haiti is going to get out of the problems you describe, which I know about personally, then there has to be plans to make it happen.

I am involved with a government-in-exile elsewhere and there could be options for many people in Haiti with that but I am not free to talk about it here but would have private conversation with Dr. Guy Theodore if he were interested.

In spite of the hardships you have mentioned Haiti has some things going for it. Keep in mind you don't have enemies like the U.S. does. Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has predicted the U.S. will soon be hit by nuclear weapons and/or germ warfare and hundreds of thousands of Americans will die! Nothing like that is going to happen to Haiti so in some respects things are not all that bad other than the present situations which you have referred to and I know about them the same as you do but they will not change unless and until there are plans in place to make them change.

I am sorry if I offended you in anyway and its not my fault I live in a nice home but keep in mind I did offer it to Dr. Guy Theodore if he wins the election as a consulate office for Haiti and I offered my aviation experience to manage a new Air Haiti as well as offering to help with his hospital.

Our Statesecretariat may be in contact with him regarding other matters that could end up benefiting the people of Haiti.

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