Its good to hear you say these things because I was working...

Earl - July 2 2009, 3:41 AM

Its good to hear you say these things because I was working there then and had no fears walking anywhere and I am a white person.

I have hear others say the same thing.

The problems with Baby Doc were related to his wife and Ernest Bennett.

There was opposition from his Mother to the marriage and others felt as if had of gone against everything Papa Doc had worked for and that was good relations with the common black man in the nation.

Its sad Baby Doc had to suffer because of the Bennetts and while I may have been late to figure out there was a problem I knew it before I left Haiti and thats why I visited the opposition headquarters in Miami upon my return to U.S. but its also why I have ask if anyone can locate his girlfriend Veronique Roy who is his Public Relations Representative or Baby Doc as they reportedly live in a one bedroom apartment in France.

The poor guy is bankrupt because his wife ran off with what money was left and Ernest Bennett was taking funds out of the country to Banks in Panama but all those funds could have been moved long ago as Panama is a tax haven and changing currencies is as easy as moving money from one tax haven to another.

Maybe you might talk to others to see if we can't locate Baby Doc who has learned his lesson about messing around with this type woman and allowing others to lead him around by the nose.

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Earl, since you said youare not haitian I'll tell you...


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