The best man for the Job in Haiti 2011

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If you guys would like to see some one positive that is doing something for Haiti for over 25 years, I got a chances to here Dr Guy Theodore speak when I was in California I was so proud to see a brother from my Home land doing some thing positive, that it made me feel like packing all of my possession sale my House and move back to my homeland, but I knew it was wishful thinking.

My brothers and sisters if We want to see a chang in Haiti in 2011 we need to have a Head of State like Guy theodore in office.

He is a man thats doing some thing for Haiti, you can Google his name and see it for your self.

Andwer Pierre Boyer, July 8 2009, 2:11 PM

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Everything you said about Mr. Guy is very nice but for once we Haitians cannot elect someone based on our personal... read more >
Zac, 8-Jul-09 2:59 pm
The best man for the Job in Haiti 2011 may not be the best choice based on speech or phony visionary of origins??... read more >
Banjo, 8-Jul-09 3:21 pm
The best choice is the right choice... The right choice is the best Man for Haiti in 2011... Find the right choice... read more >
Banjo, 8-Jul-09 5:08 pm
Who do you think has the potential to be a great leader in 2011? I'm just curious. read more >
Zac, 8-Jul-09 5:13 pm
Let me hear yours first then I will tell you who. read more >
Banjo, 8-Jul-09 5:18 pm
I would tell you but I'm not familiar with any Haitian politicians. I heard about Guy Theodore from this website. A... read more >
Zac, 8-Jul-09 5:29 pm
You know I am not familiar with either of these guys you’ve mentioned. I think and I think not so I know noting Man... read more >
Banjo, 8-Jul-09 5:37 pm
It may not be wishful thinking. Sometimes we get a vision, and we brush it off. Remember an act of faith defies all... read more >
Robert Dieudonne, 12-Jul-09 10:53 am
Hello I think it is not the way to promote the best men for Haiti 2011. We need more substance from you brother and... read more >
Carlos, 17-Jul-09 9:16 am
Haiti does not need "one" man to bring it back to civility and functionality. Haiti needs functioning public... read more >
Jpb, 19-Jul-09 9:57 am


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