Everything you said about Mr. Guy is very nice but for once we...

Zac - July 8 2009, 2:59 PM

Everything you said about Mr. Guy is very nice but for once we Haitians cannot elect someone based on our personal feelings.

This time it should be based on a person's credentials and policies.

I visited Guy's website I saw some impressive pictures there and he also talked about his personal background but that was it. He needs to explain in precise terms what are his policies and vision for the country.

And the English option doesn't work. Campaigning is not just about promoting oneself it's also about promoting one's strategies.

I don't know if you know Guy personally but if you do I would advice you to tell him that he needs to talk about his strategy for the economy, security, infrastructure, healthcare, etc...

He needs to include these things on his website.

We are in the 21st century people let's get this thing moving, every candidate should be able to tell us how he or she is going to deal with the major problems in Haiti.

Let's not get carried away by emotions.


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