You're right somebody needs to keep crooked Haitian...

Zac - July 8 2009, 7:23 PM

You're right somebody needs to keep crooked Haitian politicians in check.

But it should be the Haitian voters, they need to stop electing and reelecting people who don't fulfill their duties as elected officials.

We need to get rid of the mentality that foreigners will come to save us. Wake up people, Haiti is a deep hole in part because of foreigners.

Do you know that after Haiti became an independent nation the United States refused to recognize Haiti as a nation because it was founded by black slaves.

The Americans were afraid that their own slaves might revolt.

And France required that Haiti compensated them for losses they suffered during the slave revolt.

It's time we as Haitians understand that we have to save ourselves nobody is going to do it of us, and besides every country is dealing with its own problems.

Do you think they're going to set their own priorities aside to help you?

Of course not.

So what Haitians choose to jump of the cliff.

I don't understand your tirade about French being an official language of Haiti.

I get the impression that you're upset because you cannot speak the language.

Check yourself! You said less than 30% of the population speak french.

I highly doubt that i think the number is greater but it could have been less than 1% of Haitians and that still would not have been a reason for you to protest.

You ridicule Haitians who speak french but the ridiculous one is you.

Did you forget that creole is also an official language.

Many countries in Africa, America, Europe and Asia have more than one language as their official language.

South Africa for example has more than one official language mainly because the country has different tribes sometimes each tribe speak a different language.

The entire population doesn't have to speak a language to make it official.

I think the Haitian government should make an effort in the schools were all Haitians students become bilingual.

Most people speak french not because they want to look smarter it may be because it's the language they're more comfortable speaking or writing.

I bet you a Haitian might be reading your comment and my comment and they get upset because they don't understand English.

They may think we're being pretentious.

But in my case I write in English because I express myself more comfortably in English.

In conclusion, just because you may not know how to speak French you don't have ridicules others who do. Such behavior highlight your ignorance, insecurity and possibly a deep jealousy you have.

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