Montresor 2011 Historic Executive Plan of Action

Montresor 2011 - July 11 2009, 11:29 PM

My Executive Plan of Action for Haiti in 2011

The foundation of my economic platform is for Haiti to truly be governed by the constitution and to be directed, translated, and articulated by my vision.

Plan for the Military

Once I am elected as president of Haiti, I plan to create a new Army personal unit called SPN D'Haiti (Service Protective National D'Haiti

The Army's purpose will be to protect the national interests of the country, such as:

Protecting our sovereignty and pride against our enemies.

Training for wars and major national crisis
Assisting the farmers and food markets to eliminate hunger
Constructing streets and highways
Constructing homes, government buildings, and major infrastructures.

Reshaping engineering infrastructure, including national parks and youth centers

Moreover, the Army will no longer be involved in domestic disputes and managing the affairs of the country's prisons


I have a vision for the Army. My vision is that Haiti's Army is a model of utmost professionalism, that it consistently serves the best interests of the country, and that it serves its citizens.

My vision is that Army funds will be provided from the local food, liquor, and commutations sales taxes and surplus funds

Budgetary funds

Every governing department will have its own military, MAF, and police units.

They will have visionary achievement plans with budgetary yearly goals in accordance with the country's national budget and departmental allowance of use. If they do not use all of their budgetary funds, the remaining funds will be dispersed elsewhere

Role of the Police

The police will continue to command courts, jails, public disturbances, transportation, and national local security.

Police funds will be provided from the local transportation taxes collected

Role of the MAF

The MAF (Marine, Air, Frontier) will command the ports, airlines, and frontier travel from Haiti to the Dominican Republic.

MAF funds will be provided from local Marine, Air, and Frontier taxes collected

Military Internships

I plan to develop an innovative new military internship program that encourages Haiti's youth to get involved with rebuilding their communities and to learn valuable vocational skills.

I feel Haiti's youth can develop strong pride in themselves and their communities.

The internship program will involve youth ages 16-18. The youth will participate when they are out of school or on vacation.

Youth will have to apply for the program and meet standard criteria.

If they meet our criteria, we will teach them how to go to work

After the age of 18, they will have the opportunity to:

Continue with the military and develop a military career
Leave the program and attend university
Leave the program and enter the workforce

Most importantly, the program will instill vital vocational training and strong job skills, such as carpentry, computer training, and building houses.

The program will help youth to get involved with and excited about learning.

The program will be designed to prepare Haiti's youth to be strong adult citizens who are able to contribute to the economic workforce of the country

I want Haiti's youth to learn and develop pride in themselves and in their country.

I believe this program will greatly benefit the entire country.

Our youth is the future of our country.

We should do all we can to invest in them, to invest in their future.

Investing in their future is investing in the future of Haiti

Plan for Investigating Fraud

I plan to create new units to investigate fraud, called Financial Investigation and Protection National.

This new unit will investigate fraud and secure Haiti's national treasures with maximum security.

This will protect the country's investments from government corruption

Plan for Education System

I plan to create and restructure the public school system to work more efficiently and to raise our youth with pride for Haiti.

My vision is that Haiti's children will be given incredible opportunity.

Our children are our future and they deserve the best we can give them. The new educational system will be funded from all property and tourism income.

I will move for a total change of the education system which would make it mandatory for all Haitians to go to school regardless of age and social economic status, free of charge pay for by government funds 25% of the transfer national payroll taxes and 100% of business property tax

Plan for Prison System

I plan to privatize our prison system with private security agencies.

The agencies will bid for the job of maintaining our prison system based on the national interest to protect both inmates and civilians.

The prison system will be funded by 25% of the transfer national payroll taxes and court fees

Plan for Healthcare System

I plan to privatize our healthcare system and hospitals.

Private health agencies will bid for the job of maintaining hospital environments and providing a sanitary environment to the population.

The private health agencies will bring a new level of professionalism to Haiti's healthcare system.

Every Haitian citizen deserves top quality healthcare that they can consistently rely on. The healthcare system will be funded from the transfer national registration fees and 25% of payroll taxes.

Plan Cemeteries and funerary services

I will setup an aggressive approach in the law to protect cemeteries, regulate, and tax all funeral directors, to obtain proper training licensing environmental in order to insure professionalism.

Tax and fees collected will be used to maintain all cemeteries in Haiti100

As only 60% of Haiti's population has access to healthcare, my plan will help all Haitians to receive proper medical care. I believe stabilizing our healthcare system will greatly improve Haitians' quality of life

Plan for Food System

I plan to consider bids from private food market chain stores to manage and maintain government public food operations and distribution.

The food system will be funded from the transfer national 25% payroll collected fees

Plan for Agriculture

I plan to change and improve Haiti's agricultural system, giving it a new orientation.

Too many farmers are living in poverty, and meanwhile we are importing over half of our food. We must rebuild our infrastructure in order to help our farmers.

We must improve our roads and stop deforestation of our land. I plan to invest in local agriculture

My plan is not to control farmers, but to help in mass food production.

In order to help the country's food shortage, we need to help the farmers by teaching them to vary the farmland.

I plan to deploy a labor force to help the farmers on a daily basis funded by the transaction surplus fees to purchase new equipments every year

Plan for Improving Power and Communications

My goal is to eliminate darkness from every Haitian household.

Children should have the opportunity to study and learn.

I plan to introduce a government program that will pay electric and high-speed Internet bills for the poor. This plan should also help eliminate the stealing of electricity and high-speed Internet.

I plan to raise $300-600 million to power the country and empower our children

Once elected president I will instate a fee for those with dual citizenship.

There will be a registration fee of $695 per adult and $325 per child.

The funds collected from dual citizenship fees will be used to purchase:

One or two nuclear power plants
High-speed Internet communications

All maintenance fees will be used to maintain the plants.

The plants should be completed in 36 months or less

Plan for Helping the Disadvantaged

The plan also includes a $125 tax for those citizens with income over $3,500 per year. Families with income less than $3,500 per year will not be required to pay this tax. These funds will be used for:

Low income tax credit
Retirees who cannot work to earn money

Additionally, the program is designed to help low income families.

Those with income below $3,500 per year will not pay for electricity.

Rather, they will be required to volunteer two hours per week for the government in exchange.

It is important to help the poor and bring more balance to Haitian society.

Those with more financial advantages can help balance our system.

With help from the Haitian government, more opportunities are made available to the poor, such as the possibility of achieving a proper education.

Those with education can contribute more to Haitian society.

Plan for Currency

I plan to overhaul Haiti's currency and monetary system to eliminate corruption.

I plan to instate a paperless exchange.

I will create a new currency to bring balance to the system.

I will evaluate taxation and give resources to people without income.

Every year at midnight on December 31, all paper money will expire for that year. You will account for the money you have and be issued new currency for the next year

Plan for Banking or Executive Branch

I plan for the executive branch to be the financial power broker over the banking system in the court system.

This should provide more balance and help fight corruptions.

I will proceed to control local, international banks by connecting and redirect all funds entering or leaving the country to our national bank payment system.

Plan for Tourism

I believe that when we turn Haiti around into a country of prosperity, when we save lives, when we help our people build better homes, when we better educate our children, when we improve our infrastructure and food production, when our country is safe and stabilized, tourism will dramatically increase.

People will become interested in coming to Haiti for vacation and for a better life

Tourism means more money coming into our economy.

When the tourists want to visit our beautiful country, they help support our local economy.

I believe strongly that we must invest in tourism, to make our country one that tourists start pouring into and taking interest in


I love Haiti, my beautiful country.

I want to see her succeed and prosper.

I want to end corruption and poverty.

Instead of Haitians immigrating out of Haiti, I want to boost our national pride by integrating one hundred thousand people well trained into the country's armed forces by the year 2030

In order to do this, in order to make Haiti blessed and prosperous, I need all of your help. Everyone must pull together, to sacrifice and work hard as one nation.

If we can pull together in unity, we can certainly fix our country's failing system.

When we can make Haiti prosperous, everyone has food on their table and their homes are full of light from electricity

This aggressive methods and bold plans of my vision is projected to create at least 250,000 jobs plus in 2-4 years of my administration through building this new economic engine, and other major infrastructures

My plan is not for a communist system.

Rather, my plan is about eliminating corruption, improving infrastructure, and helping ease poverty.

We can all do this together.

We can all boost our national pride

As your future president, I deeply care for the Haitian people.

I care for you, individually.

I want to help you and bless you, not hurt you. Now is the time to seize the moment! Let's make Haiti a shining beacon to the world!

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