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Linda, Tiba, Zac and Company
How are you. This si Hans Duperoi in Mexico City. I have not had a chance to take part in any debate since the Dominican murder of the Haitian Citizen.

But I constantly check the blog whenever I have a chance.

This hot topic of Dessalines and Toussaint, I always compare it with Malcom X and ML King,,,,and I strongly believe that the American negroes would have been much further now socially and economically had Martin Luther King been more forceful with the white things in America.

X was from the streets and had a different perspective of the violence and shear criminality of the white or pink things in America,,,whereas King was in Boston studying for his graduate studies.

X was a pimp and King was a Priest.

I strongly believe in God but I refuse to be a Christian the way it is being thought to weak...I refuse to turn my cheek to the Oppressor and would rather chop his hand and like Baruck Spimnoza say raise up and become more violent than the Oppressor.

Let us also not forget that our great and poor Dessalines was an illiterate man who has suffered in his bones and in his brain the criminality, the sevices, the humiliation and the daily inhumane treatment of the pink thing and Please what can we demand more from him...In the mean time our vieux baton fatra was also himself a genius somehow to realize that the pink things of the time had all the weapons, the money, the chains and the Whip and he some how had tried to play it smart to lead his people out of the chains...Remember when they asked him how are you going to fight the French?

He riposted I will fight them with their own arms. That was genial
To follow

Hans. D, July 12 2009, 1:42 PM

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Linda, 12-Jul-09 10:20 pm
Compatriota Linda I give you the full authority to repost it in the already ongoing discussion as I am not seeing... read more >
Hans. D, 12-Jul-09 10:55 pm
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Zac, 13-Jul-09 3:35 am
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Hans D, 13-Jul-09 8:33 am
Compadre Hans, I say "Amen e Insiswatil" to that. Compadre Hans, a couple years ago, I was invited by a well educated... read more >
Tiba, 13-Jul-09 9:53 am
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Hans D, 13-Jul-09 10:38 am
Looks like they found you, so no need to re-post. Seems like they also thought your post was interesting. read more >
Linda, 13-Jul-09 11:57 am
Hans I understand your logic. My objection is to the word "thing" which you use to describe white people. Black people... read more >
Zac, 13-Jul-09 6:55 pm


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