Compatriota Zac Let's think deep here It is amazing how the...

Hans D - July 13 2009, 8:33 AM

Compatriota Zac

Let's think deep here

It is amazing how the Caucasian men have got the black men scared and ashamed of his own identity.

Brother Zac I intentionally used the word pink but the word negro is from the race Negroid...Caucasoid, Mongoloid and so.
When is it the Negro going to be proud of being called a negro scientifically and anthropologically.

Brother Zac before I end up here in Mexico City, I---also lived and studied in Oldenburg University and I also was married to a German woman from Frankfurt whose father was a former SS from the Wehrmacht(Armed Forces of Germany)-- and- brother Zac I have always and been always stoically proud of being called a Negro because I am from the negroid race(even though my grand mother from Jacmel is 100% French)

In America the black men suffer from a tremendous identity problem -which is due to the legacy of humiliation of the white or the pink thing in America...When they are not being called Niggers, they are being called colored or halfbreed or Afro Americans...They have never been to Africa but yet they are being called African Americans because the pink thing over there in America have never fully accepted them and you understand why I had supported the idea of a black Republic which would consist of Geaorgia, Alabama, Missisipi...

Here in Mexico city and in most of the spanish speaking nations the world el Negro has been replaced by el moreno and the connotation sometimes may be some times questionable and the reason why it is like that- is because of the Slavery legacy that the pink things have left behind.

Zac I have some kids that as you can understand are half German and half Mexicans and Zac I always tell them I want them to have the best education possible and a little bit of meoney and never, never turn the other cheek

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