To back you Compatriota Tiba A true story In the late 1980 I...

Hans D - July 13 2009, 10:38 AM

To back you Compatriota Tiba

A true story

In the late 1980 I had a friend of mine(Natif Natal Haitian) who was in Austria, he came to America and was dating a black American female...One day she woke up and told him I think I am going to dump you and get me a real African American Man. The poor guy did not understand and he asked her what does that mean a real African American man to which she replied Yeah a real African American man that understand my culture, listen to R and B, Soul and blues and definitely has my same sense of humour and eat my same kind of food. The poor haitian guy told her you are no African American but an American.

Why don't you call yourself an American because when the Vietnamese were killing aMERICANS in the Vietnam War they never made a difference between black Americans, pink Americans, yellow Americans and so on to which she replies I I don
t care I am an African American
I have got to go will check later

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Compadre Hans, I say "Amen e Insiswatil" to that...


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