The Dark Knight, You did not hurt me at all my friend. I told...

Tiba - July 13 2009, 2:50 PM

The Dark Knight,

You did not hurt me at all my friend.

I told you that I found what you said was very funny.

In fact, I am glad you were back on the subject of "superstition" again because I have some info to pass on to you.

Well, I did some digging up to get some truth out and so I had the privilege talking with the executive director of the "Haitian Boko Association (HBA)" the other day.

According to the director, the Haitian government has spent millions of dollars in the past decades in an effort to modernize the technology to make the practice of Voodoo more user friendly and it paid off, he said.

The first big accomplishment of this new technology, he said, has to do with the "skin off" process.

As you know, longtime ago, you had to take your skin off and hide it in a "pilon" when someone is about to "vole lougarou" at night.

This was necessary in order to keep the skin safe from people with malicious intent to put salt on the skin which would prevent it from sticking back on the person's body.

So now, thanks to this new technology people can "vole lougarou" with their skin on. No need to take it off anymore.

The second phenominal achievement with this new technology, he said, is that longtime ago, boko could bring a dead persons from their graves and turn them into zombies only those who died in Haiti.

But now, regardless where those persons die on the planet, a voodoo priest (boko) can use this new technology to bring the deads fron their graves and turn them into zombies.

The director admited that Haitian voodo priests are the only ones in the world with that kind of technology, and it is the most advanced technology of its kind on the planet.

Haiti has made a lot of progress in the past decades.

So now you got it!

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Tiba, I never meant to hurt you. Pa Fe sa mon che...


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