ha ha ha. rene G preval

Jules - February 28 2007, 4:35 PM

i can tell this is not Mr preval, president dont request the people, they ask the people politely.

i request is a "command".

thats your mistake.

as of returning to haiti, me i would love to go back home living the free life haiti provide but if we do, are we going to have a job when we get there?, are we gonna have security?, so that we can be safe. if so guest what a lot of us haitians would love to go back home. i graduated in criminal justice, i would like to go work as a police officer in haiti.

help the officers to respect the right of the people, help them learn about how inportant it is for them not to break the law. i would like to travel to every school in haiti to teach the student about how inportant the laws are and why they should not brake the laws, teach them to be united, to love one another, let them know that we are one, so we should respect each others life.and dont take money from anyone to disrupted our country.

for them to respect, and support our government even when disagree.

if that can happen we will see how sweet haiti will be.

peace haiti, we love you.

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