Senor I am not in Politics, I am in the medical field but will...

Hans D - July 18 2009, 9:35 AM

Senor I am not in Politics, I am in the medical field but will support strong political parties or any strong national organization that consists of true, honest and disintered individuals.

The ones that I have seen and entrusted my faith to channel tens of thousands of medical equipment for the betterment of the general Hospital in Port au Prince and Leogane----those ones with the best and fake words to help-- have stolen, forfeited and disillusioned our faith.

But Tiba I am not dwelling on it. Let me tell you Tiba some medical equipment I have sent to Haiti have ended up in the clinics of some rich haitian doctors some where in Avenue Christophe, Chemein des dalles and Turgeau...and guess what Tiba it was other Doctors who have orchestraded the transfer of those equipment.

What do you think Tiba
I thought and I still think it is more important to send an X Ray or an EKG or else machine to the Alma mater because lives can be saved and the poor families of my country can avoid to have to go pay hundreds of dollars for those exams but Tiba guess what NO AVAIL
That why I am calling for a new mentality, a new haitian man not the same old crapules who have been running their mouths for as long as I remember

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