Dear Mr.Gera Bougui and President Montresor, It is with...

Tiba - July 18 2009, 4:34 PM

Dear Mr.Gera Bougui and President Montresor,

It is with deepest regret and heartbroken to hear both of you calling on bringing Aristide and Jean-Claude back to Haiti as "The" only solution for reconciliation of the Haitian people.

My question to you is, how can you want Aristide and Jean-Claude as the possible actors for reconciliation, but there is no mention of Cedras, Emmanuel Constant, Guy Philippe, and many others?

These former mercenaries/crooks/criminals are Haitians too, in case you had forgotten.

Guys, you cannot cherry pick who you want to be part and who should stay out because you don't like them. In a situation like this either ALL included or NONE should be a participant.

Haiti should belong to ALL and not just to some. Got it?

So, please stop that nonsense right now!

First of all, it is already a defeat on your part, Montresor, as someone who is seeking the office of the presidency to think if you were to become president that you will not be able to bring the Haitian people together unless Aristide and Jean-Claude are back. That really shows the level of your incompetence and mediocrity.

In that case, let us all agree there will never be a reconciliation in Haiti because Aristide and Jean-Claude will never, let me repeat it again for you, Aristide and Jean_Claude will never go back to Haiti.

They will never put foot on the soil of Haiti again.

Only Haitians who are in hallucination and delusional states who refuse to accept that fact of reality.

Haiti must go forward without these 2 men.


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