Compatriote Zac I do not know how Mr Montresor has put forward...

Hans D - July 19 2009, 12:15 AM

Compatriote Zac
I do not know how Mr Montresor has put forward his theory on not judging Aristide or Duvalier but I remain certain that if we as a society would decide to judge some of our past leaders it would constitute an enormous drain on us economically and sociallly.

I would not mind seeing in a cell Duvalier, Ti Boule, Henry Namphy, Williams Regala, Figaro, Merceron and CO next to a cell with Aristide, Ronald Kadav, Raoul Cedras and Emmanuel Constant and Michel Francois but again WHY?

What would that do?

That is why I am advocating a new haitian man with leaving those scum bags in the past but forfeit their assets whenever and wherever they may be but focus on the next two decades with educated, reeducated, sound judgment individuals whose whichever organization they belong to or their political party can understand the time has come to move forward decisively and collectively.

All of us can not be president, all of us can not be prime ministers and all of us should not try to be...


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Hans let me clarify myself, I'm not saying we should...

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